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Enabling Nonprofits to Add Value to the Lives & Businesses of Supporters While Generating a Steady Stream of Financial Support… Effortlessly

What is MyWay2Help?

A compelling and easy-to-use platform, for the smallest, least tech-savvy nonprofit
to the global powerhouses, that harnesses our collective passion to help.

  • We power meaningful ways by which nonprofits can make a difference in the lives and businesses of their supporters. And in doing so, the nonprofit receives valuable financial support.


  • Nonprofits can leverage our PR, digital marketing and outreach as part of our MyWay2Help web and mobile platform, or we can provide a “white-label” version that’s branded as the nonprofit desires and is as exclusive or as open as they wish.
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We make helping go both ways

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You help supporters, they help you – effortlessly,
naturally and in meaningful ways.

How does MyWay2Help work?

We feature “modules” – marketplace, auctions, mission funding, gift cards and direct donations
designed to cater to the needs of nonprofits and their followers.


MyWay2Help uniquely builds on the community focus of sites like Craigstlist™, but connects buyers and sellers who share a common passion for a particular nonprofit and a % of all transactions through MyWay2Help generates contributions to the nonprofit. Here’s how:

  • Buyers and sellers help their favorite nonprofit
    Sellers designate from 20% to 100% of the proceeds of a sale to the nonprofit they choose.
  • Community connected
    Rather than buying or selling among strangers, MyWay2Help brings together people who share a common passion – your passion.
  • Easy, fast, mobile-forward
    MyWay2Help is mobile and web optimized, letting you choose how you engage.
  • Payment choices
    Buyer will be able to pay by credit or debit card, check or ACH.
MyWay2Help Marketplace
MyWay2Help Auction


For businesses, especially small and local, support of nonprofits is critical.
With MyWay2Help – nonprofits give businesses a novel way to acquire new customers, as well as stimulate awareness, grow and succeed without the expense of advertising.

  • Reach customers without advertising

    Our digital outreach enables businesses to connect with even more potential
    customers, as well as highlight their charitable commitment.

  • Stimulate awareness & sales when needed
    Businesses can launch an auction anytime they desire, ideal to “get the word out” when new offerings or products are created and need to be advertised.
  • Create a “buzz” for business and drive donations
    Auctions are fun! Businesses, nonprofits, and buyers all win.

Direct Giving

We make it easy for nonprofits to accept credit or debit card, as well as check and ACH donations through our platform.

Online, mobile, text to give – all will be included. We offer configurable tools to support your specific needs – from donations for churches (offering, tithing, missions, building fund) to one-time nonprofit donations as well as recurring giving – we make this easy.

MyWay2Help Direct Donations
Mission Travel Funding

Mission Travel Funding

A mash-up of Facebook©, GoFundMe© and a blog – we make it easy for individuals to interact with their Google contacts, Facebook friends, Instagram & Twitter followers, letting them know about mission trips they’re participating in. Raising funds with ease, effortlessly sharing mobile updates during missions and updating friends and family about the difference they helped make – all with our solution.

Not available at launch.

Network Branded Gift Cards

Businesses of all sizes spend billions of dollars each year on gift cards. From saying “thank you” for a purchase to business gifts for holidays, employee anniversaries, incentives, rebates, achieving business goals or simply to show “on the spot” appreciation – MyWay2Help provides gift cards with a twist.

We feature a business-friendly capability that allows businesses to purchase gift cards, like they always do, but we direct a % of program contribution to the nonprofit.

Not available at launch.

MyWay2Help Gift Cards

What’s next?

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What people who’ve joined us are saying

Owner of NurturVana

“As a merchant, I was late to the Amazon party, so my products don’t even come up on an Amazon search. It’s impossible for people to even find my products, let alone get reviews. It’s hard to compete with merchants who have a thousand reviews, when I only have one! I feel so fortunate to be a merchant with MyWay2Help! I truly feel like I’m on the ground floor of something big!”


Founder & CEO, Celebration of the Sea Foundation

“Nonprofit founders, leaders, volunteers and donors are passionate, hardworking and selfless in their support of the cause. But time, money and resources are limited. MyWay2Help addresses a couple of the everyday needs individuals have and really boosts local businesses. In doing so, some of the financial pressure is lifted from everyone, because us – the nonprofits benefit.”

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