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The power of Cause Awareness Days (free Calendar included)

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Free resources, Nonprofit

You may be big, you may be small, there’s an awareness day that’d benefit you all.

Awareness days provide nonprofits with major marketing opportunities. They give a chance to engage and educate your audience, pique the curiosity of potential volunteers and raise funds for your cause.

Here are some tips that will help your nonprofit leverage the power of these days and a printable Calendar with the important events you shouldn't miss out on leveraging this year.

Think way ahead

Awareness days should be included in your yearly activity calendar. Just like any other campaign, correctly marketing your awareness days involves a fair amount of planning. You’d normally need at least 4 to 6 weeks of advance activity to be well-prepared.

Here’s an idea about some of the questions that you’d need to consider when planning an Awareness Campaign for your nonprofit. Do you have a landing page ready? Do you have the images for social media? Is all your research on point? In case you’re doing a video, did you choose the topic and the shooting location? Do you know how much time it will take you to edit the video? Are you planning to get the media involved? These are just a few of the details that you should keep in mind.

Planning gets things started, next you have to execute on them with precision, be active on the actual day of the campaign, and keep up the activity the day after.

What we mean is this - if you’re going to run a dedicated fundraising event, you’d have to report on your success and thank everyone who participated.

If you’re planning an awareness day and you’re intending to work with the media, you’ll have news reports and articles to share the next day. Keeping up the post-awareness day activity helps you start building relationships with the people whose attention you managed to capture during the campaign.

Start the buzz

Start promoting early – send out a “save the date” newsletter, start posting countdowns on social media, change your Twitter and Facebook cover photos, get in touch with volunteers and local businesses and ask them to spread the word. In order to be there for you, people need to know something major is coming up.

Get ready

Talk with your staff, volunteers and board members and ask them to share the most moving and impactful stories. Ask your loyal donors what inspires them to give to your cause. Prepare catchy messages, impactful statistics, great visuals and moving videos in advance. This will help maximize the shareability of your content.

Define a clear communication goal and tell your supporters how they can help your cause. Don’t forget to share the campaign on all your communication channels. Also, post repeatedly and make sure you take the time zones and peak social engagement times into consideration.

Call for action

Invite supporters to share your social media posts, sign petitions, write letters to local or national authorities or sign up as volunteers - basically anything that serves the main goal of your campaign. Keep in mind that not all of them may be ready or able to make a donation. They need to know that you’d value any contribution, not just the financial one.

Say thank you

Awareness days are great opportunities to thank the people that have assisted you thus far – donors, ambassadors, employees, and volunteers. For example:

Thanks to you, this year we helped train 10 service dogs for children with disabilities.

With your help, we managed to build a school in rural Zimbabwe…

Donors love to know they were a part of your success. If you decided to organize an awareness day fundraiser, don’t forget to share your accomplishments during the next days and thank all who contributed.

Don’t have a dedicated awareness day?

There is a chance that your particular cause may not have a dedicated awareness day. Not to worry. There still are quite a few holidays and observances that bring attention to subjects that unite numerous nonprofits and cover multiple causes. World Wildlife Day, World Health Day, Malala Day are just some of the examples that come to mind. You should consider communicating on the days, events and public or religious holidays or observances that encourage generosity and good deeds. Need some extra ideas? National Good Neighbor Day, World Values Day and others… There are many ways to get the word out about the great work you’re doing!

How to get started?

Use a calendar to plan your activities in an efficient way.

Our calendar template contains the major cause-related awareness days, weeks and months, awareness days that are applicable to multiple causes, days and holidays that can be used to encourage giving, as well as the most important Federal and religious holidays and observances.

Time to start planning!

Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar


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