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Shopping for Supporting: The Marketplace Feature Explained

by | Jul 26, 2019 | MyWay2Help, Nonprofit

At MyWay2Help, we have a straightforward goal:

Making it easier for supporters to connect with the Nonprofits they love.

We’re creating an array of features so that fundraising has a dynamic twist allowing funds to practically raise themselves. The Marketplace feature is where like minded people come together to simultaneously shop, sell and support Nonprofits.

Here’s how we’ll do it

By fusing the convenience of online second-hand shopping with the benefit of supporting a Nonprofit, we at MyWay2Help are creating an unbeatable dynamic duo of good intentions.

On the Marketplace feature, registered users can re-sell their items or buy ones they need – not only giving items a new home, but also donating part of the purchase for the benefit of good cause.

Whether they need to host a garage sale before a big move, resell unwanted gifts from a misguided Secret Santa or simply want extra space in their home, there’s a place for any person to buy or sell on our Marketplace.

How it works

  • Any Nonprofit, small business or individual can use the Marketplace once they are a registered member on MyWay2Help.
  • To create a listing, members upload pictures and add descriptions of items they wish to sell. The seller then designates the percentage that will go towards a Nonprofit after the sale closes.
  • Anyone on the MW2H platform will have access to these listings. The listing will appear on a general searchable list as well as on the selected Nonprofit’s details page and MW2H subsite.
  • While on the Marketplace, a user can search and filter through items to find exactly what they need, or what Nonprofit they’re looking to support with their purchase. When going to purchase an item, money will only be exchanged via our secure online payment platform so that your money goes into the correct hands. Every time.
  • The money is then allocated to the Nonprofit chosen by the seller, and the buyer receives their purchase!

Now, giving back fits into the simple eCommerce equation
providing potential consistent support from those who buy and sell.

Yes, that means that buying new home décor is now completely justified! 

Join us in Shopping for Supporting

Benefits of shopping & selling on MyWay2Help:

  • Supports a Nonprofit
  • Keeps items out of landfills
  • Creates a like-minded community
  • Saves money
  • Makes downsizing or moving homes easier
  • Inspires joy through donations
  • Reinforces peace of mind by paying on a secure platform

For the individual, the Marketplace becomes a place of sustainable and beneficial consuming while the Nonprofit benefits from sellers donating to their cause.

We find it incredibly important for there to be flexibility in fundraising and donating so that people can give in their own way. Especially when it positively impacts the world.

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